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Here’s How To Build A Roller Coaster At An Amusement Park

If you ever plan on opening an amusement park, then you’ll want to learn how to build a amusement roller coaster. It’s not as simple as one would think. With that said, below are the basics of building a roller coaster at an amusement park.

Amusement Roller Coasters
Amusement Roller Coasters

The Design Process

The very first step in the process is designing the You need to carefully consider what kind of coaster you want, such as a small one designed for kids, one that’s good for all ages or one that is an extreme thrill ride with multiple loops, hills and so forth. This process typically involves working with a professional amusement rides manufacturer who has experience with designing coasters or using roller coaster design software.

Preparation Of The Site

The next step is to figure out where the roller coaster will go, and once you’ve chosen the site, it will need to be cleared. Everything in that site, such as vegetation and existing structures, will need to be removed. This process also involves determining where the holes will go and then a professional will carefully drill the holes.

Erecting The Structure And Installing The Track

After the site is cleared and the holes are drilled, and the rest of the foundation is ready, the next step is to actually erect the structure. The main structure can take a longtime to complete, but the length of time it takes depends on how large the coaster is going to be, how complex the design is and how many people are building it. As the structure is built or after it is built, the tracks will be laid down.

Building Roller Coaster Rides
Building Roller Coaster Rides

Making The Cars

When the structure and the tracks are laid out, or while they are both being built, the cars will be fabricated. This is usually done off-site at a factory. You’ll want to know what kind of cars you want, but by the time you reach this point you will have likely already told the contractors what you want the cars to look like.

Carefully think about the overall design of your coaster. This is because you want to ensure the cars suit the rest of the structure. You should use design software or browse the internet for ideas.

Electrical Work And Painting

The last step involved with building a roller coaster at an amusement park is the electrical work and the paint job. The electrical work can include laying down and installing wiring, lighting and other features such as a sign that lights up or lights on the cars and things of that nature. When the electrical system has been installed, the structure will need to be painted, and this can be a long process too.

Hiring a qualified contractor who has experienced building roller coasters is a must. They will have connections to professionals who can aid in helping them build the roller coaster. If you want to have a roller coaster built, then make sure you do your research on builders and hire the one you feel the most comfortable with. Find more help from website